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Underground Investigation n°78

Underground Investigation n°78
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Underground Investigation n°78
Référence : UI78
78 pages - 100% couleur
Interviews : Blaze Bayley, Nashville Pussy, Supuration, Drenalize, Toxic Rose et Pat O’May.
Dossier spécial : KISS Kruise IV
Live reports : Alcatraz Festival 2015, Avantasia, Blaze Bayley/Gang, Blues Pills, 19ème Convention Rock n’Metal, Dygitals/Max Pie/Gang/Factor Hate, Ghost, Machine Head, Nashville Pussy, Festival de Vouziers 2014, Wishbone Ash,Helloween et Motocultor Festival 2015.
CD’s reviews : Abbygail, Abigail Williams, A.H.P., Amon Amarth, Anvil, Astral Path, Avantasia, Avulsed, Banane Metalik, Blaze Bayley, Blessed in Sin, Bloodbound, Demon, Desaster, Die Choking, Drenalize, Drought, Exumer, Forenssick, Gehennah, Grimness, Grumo, Heavens Gate, Holocaust, Iniquitous Savagery, Iron Savior, Isolert, Judas Priest, Kampfar, Kopper8, Kzohh, Last In Line, Lords of the Trident, Masacre, Megadeth, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Necropsy, Otargos, Praying Mantis, Putrevore, Sinbreed, Stereo Nasty, The Sickening, Thunderheart, Thunderstone, Tibosity, Vibrion et Wizz Wizzard.
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