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Underground Investigation Fanzine n°80

Underground Investigation Fanzine n°80
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Underground Investigation Fanzine n°80
Référence : UI80
72 pages - 100% couleur
Interviews : Lonewolf / Dirty Action / The Bymz / Bloody Rosie / Laura Cox / Rising Steel / Willcox / Septical Mind / Stylzero
Live reports : British Steel Saturday Night 5 / In Flames (Rouen) / Kadavar (Tourcoing) / Nashville Pussy (Calais) / The Dead Daisies & The Answer (Paris) / UFO & Willcox (Leffrinckoucke) / Ugly Kid Joe (Reims) / 26ème Festival de Vouziers / Y&T (Vauréal) / Saxon & Girlschool (Lille) / Glenn Hughes (Vauréal) / Graham Bonnet Band & Stratagème (Cergy Pontoise)
CD’s reviews : Born To Burn, C.O.P.UK, Dark Quarterer, Denner/shermann, Dio, Ego Miss Blinded, Elvaron, Evil Invaders, Factor Hate, Faith Factor, Glenn Hughes, Gorgon, Graham Bonnet Band, Jack Russel’s Great White, Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, Herman Frank, Kreator, Lady Beast, Lonewolf, Mercyless, Metallica, Nightmare, Nightranger, Overdrivers, Pretty Maids, Rage, Rakel Traxx, Running Wild, R.U.S.T.X, Salem, Scores, Sin Starlett, Snap Border, Soggy, Spirit, Stylzero, Suicidal Tendencies, The Angry Cats, The Losts, Tygers Of Pan Tang, U.D.O. et Xandria.
Book’s reviews : spécial New Wave Of British Heavy Metal !
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Underground Investigation n°78
Underground Investigation n°78
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