To serve and protect Metal

Distribution, trade , wholesale :

Ask for detail about distribution on our site. We can buy some stuff, made some trade. We've got really low wholesales to guarantee the lowest prices for metal fans

Underground Investigation builds strong partnership with fest but organises too its own events :
- Rock'n'Metal Metal Market : the biggest french Metal market with daily shows
- British Steel Saturday Night : NWOBHM oriented fest (Tokyo Blade, Tygers of Pan tang, M Pire of Evil, Girlschool, Holocaust, ....)
- Fismes France Hard rock rendez vous : Fest devoted to the french metal scene be it metal legends (ADX, Blasphème, Rozz, Attentat Rock, ....)or newcomers (Gang, Spirit, Broken Edge, Messaline, ...)

Underground Investigation runs its own paper zine written in french. More than 15 years & near from 100 issues !!!
Management :
Underground Investigation also doing management for GANG (Heavy Metal) & DYNASTY (French Kiss tribute). We're in touch with lots of fest & metal events. We can organise the promotion of your releases as well because we've got tons of good contact in France. All promotion campaign are built with bands :Ask for details & prices